In Tune With Technology

Working with the most innovative technologies is not only part of our job, it is our job.

We are continually working the most high tech corporate events in the world and the most advanced national and international traveling performing arts shows. This puts us on the front line for working with the newest and most advanced technologies as they are released.

Trades That We Provide

Since the birth of our organization over 125 years ago, IATSE stagehands and movie operators have been joined by a great variety of other crafts.

Technicians and artists in motion picture and television production, product demonstration and industrial shows, conventions, facility maintenance, audio visual presentation, and motion picture computer graphics, just to name a few.

Providing the finest craftsmen to the live entertainment
and convention industries for over 120 years!

If you add up all the years of experience of just our current active card holders, you would find an astonishing 2,500 years (Twenty Five Centuries) of technical expertise in the live entertainment and convention industries. That doesn’t even include the many experienced and qualified individuals on our extras list.

So on your next event, remember these skilled professionals are available to you with a simple phone call.

We may not be the cheapest, but “We Are The Best”.

When you are looking for professional, trained, safety conscious technicians to put your show on, you need look no further than IATSE Local 51.

The Company We Keep

If people are judged by the company they keep, then we must be doing something right.

Take a look around our home page and notice some of the organizations that we work for and the venues where we often work.

As for the shows, don't even get us started naming the hundreds, if not thousands, of events we work annually.

Venues That We Frequent